Remodeling is like child birth, easy to forget the pain when it is over.

The Cottage has been a labor of love for Terry and I.  We began in 2000 taking the interior down to studs, remaking the 1930 little house into a comfortable modern house while retaining the ambience of the original.
Anyone who has ever done a remodeling project knows the headaches and challenges that such a project entails.  Refinishing the original floors was a lot more work than we had planned but when you see them you will admit that it was worth all the lost sleep and sore muscles.
We took our Oregon roots and the age of the home as our inspiration when it came time to decorate.  Remembering the comfort and simplicity of our grandparent’s home, we wanted recreate the feel of that earlier time. We enjoyed the challenge of keeping it simple and uncluttered but still comfortable and homey.
We enjoy making small changes every season,  each time you return you may find something new.  Suggestions are always appreciated.